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Depth of field is not bokeh, bokeh is the quality and look of the blur from the out of focus parts of an image. This table will help you find the true 35mm equivalence of native Fujifilm X lenses. Native Fujifilm X lenses. Name. Focal Length (35mm) f-stop (35mm) Aperture Size. XF14mmF2.8 R.

Oct 19, 2016 · 35mm film vs. medium format vs. full frame digital: is shooting film really worth it? Get that 4×5 large format look by photographing the ground glass of a large format camera Is 645 medium format film really better than 35mm? Well, yeah. It is. Shooting a 300MP photo of a Hotrod – full frame digital vs large format film.

Medium Format Negative Film. Size and DPI vary. But a 900 DPI will give you a 24x36 digital image. Large Format Negative Film. Size and DPI vary. But a 900 DPI will give you a 24x36 digital image. Your Next Step... Decide if you need scans bigger than 4x6. If so, you'll be safe using 1500 DPI. If you want scans as big as poster size (24x36) use.

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And I didn’t get it. So with a little investigation, it turns out that “short date” (and “medium date” and “long date”) relate to the specified system methods of expressing dates found in the regional settings. So I wrote this little bit of code: Sub testit () Dim aDate As Date. aDate = Date. Debug.Print Format (aDate, "short date").

GF20-35mmF4 R WR's focal length ranges from the UWA at 20mm to the wide-angle at 35mm (equivalent to 16mm - 28mm in the 35mm format). With the UWA coverage, the lens can freeze information-dense subject matters such as a wide landscape or cityscape with precise details in high resolution, powered by the large-format sensor ¹ in the GFX System.

Top Intro Images Technik. Analysis Recommendations. Will medium-format digital, with only a small increase in sensor size from full-frame (33 × 44mm vs 24 × 36mm, or only a 27% linear increase), look any better or worse than full-frame, especially when we realize that medium-format digital only comes from much smaller companies with much.

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