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How to make goodnotes stickers

Learn how to take a piece of clip art and make color-coordinated rectangle digital stickers to use in your GoodNotes digital planner. One simple rectangle shape can be resized to any width and height inside GoodNotes, making it the most versatile digital sticker and it's so easy to make using PicMonkey, a free photo editing/graphics software.

. It's easy to add the transparent png files to your file. For example, in GoodNotes you just click the import image button and you're ready to use your sticker. You can also use the sticky notes to design your own digital planner commercially. Included. Transparent png files with marble sticky notes in 3 sizes.. Introducing Smart Stickers for GoodNotes! We made these stickers “smart” which means they can be customized to any color you’d like, perfect for matching your digital planner or notebook. Smart Stickers also include Smart Labels. You can change the color, size, font, and even the text of these labels to fit your needs perfectly.

Aug 26, 2021 · How To Use The Pen Tool In GoodNotes: Just click on the icon of the pen which is located at the top of the page to use the pen. If you double-click on this tool, more options are available. Now you can select the type of pen you want, fountain, ball, or brush. Under this, you will also see the option “Palm Rejection”..

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Select a digital sticker to add. Use the Lasso Tool to select a sticker from the sticker book. Tap on the selection and select Add Element. From here, you can choose to add.

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How to Add, Use, Copy, Paste and Rotate Digital Stickers In GoodNotes 5Website: www.lovetoplan.coEtsy Store: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LoveToPlanCoPintere.

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